About us

LOAD Creatives is a Copenhagen-based creative social media agency working within fashion, beauty and lifestyle. We specialize in all areas of social media management and content creation to help brands optimize their digital influence.

We cater to brands that are new to- or unsure about social media, brands that feel stuck and want to grow their following, or brands that simply do not have time to execute their social media vision on their own.  

Our mission is to serve as an extended arm for the brands we work with. This means that we are constantly in close cooperation and dialogue with each brand, to ensure everything posted on social media is approved in advance. It is very important to us that the brand is still in full control when they cooperate with us externally.


Betina Ask – Founder & Creative Director

LOAD Creatives is founded by Betina Ask, who has previously worked as a PR and Marketing Manager for various fashion brands, most recently MUNTHE. Having worked in-house for brands since 2013, Betina has gained a unique understanding of how to put other’s creative visions to life. She has a great amount of experience with social media growth, influencer campaigns and visual storytelling - and a passion for putting it all together in order to create wide-ranging digital brand awareness.


Cathrine Urhammer – Creative Business Consultant 

Cathrine Urhammer has worked in the fashion industry since 2011, and has experience within many different areas. She has worked as a blogger and influencer from the beginning, as well as a stylist for various fashion magazines - furthermore Cathrine has been the PR and Marketing Manager for Carré Jewellery for the past three years. She has a strong understanding of social media strategies, influencer marketing as well as great experience with paid social, such as Facebook and Instagram ads.